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PYT, but do they move like Jagger?

March 20, 2012

Pre-teens singing usually annoys me, although I do want some anal fun with Ed, from Jedward and John could probably watch (It`s legal, so deal with it..). Besides that, I have not had anyone singing to me since that annoying night with a male twat, who thought that it would be a great idea to sing the theme song from The Little Mermaid. He had to leave and I`ve never seen either him or the movie again.

The new viral hit, in the making, is some mashed up stuff from IM5 that moves like Jagger!? I`ll be the judge of that, but it is quite catching and tomorrow thousands will be digging PrettyYoungThings. Grats, to the boys.

I`ll take my Valium and try to forget it ever happened. I`m too old for this and miss the Irish hype. I guess it has something to do with the accent. It gets me every time. I even started watching Glee.

Botta Pedersen

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